Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Time & Cycle review and what's next: 10/23 swing Low

Forecast #1 & #2 from 10/3 T&C Update: "We should now rally into 10/4 Quintuple time CIT cluster (#1 on chart), 10/3 Solar and 10/4-5 quadruple CIT. From there we decline into 10/11L (#2 on chart) at the 10/10 Solar & 10/12 Geo CIT and next 8 TD Hurst cycle Low."

Forecast # 2 from 10/11 public post: "We are now declining into the projected 10/11 short term Low.... We should then see a sharp rally followed by another test of the Lows...Timing will be critical..."

Forecast #3 & #4 from 10/17 T&C Update: "We are seeing an 10/17H at the 10/16 Geo and 10/17 Solar CIT. From there we decline into 10/22L at the next 8 TD Hurst & 143 CD cycle Low"

1. We topped out at the 10/3H (#1) at the quintuple time cluster.
2. We then saw a sharp 229.35 SP mini crash decline into the projected 10/11L (#2) at the 10/10 Solar &10/12 Geo CIT and next 8 TD Hurst cycle Low.
3. We then saw a sharp 106.43 SP countertrend rally into 10/17H (#3) at the 10/16 Geo and 10/17 Solar CIT.
4. We have now declined into the projected 10/23L (#4) at the 10/23 Geo and 10/24 Solar time CIT at the next 8 TD cycle Low and 143 CD Low.

What's next: From the 10/23 swing Low, we see another sharp rally phase into the next projected Time & Cycle High, before we see another sharp decline. Timing remains critical.

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