Thursday, October 11, 2018

Before and after the Boom

From the 9/25 public blog post: "The 94 TD, 168 TD & 273 CD cycles suggesting a 9/21 major swing High"

From the 10/4 Update: "9/21H remains the High, it got retested as expected in early October Time Cluster and now Boom..."


94 TD cycle due 9/21H
168 TD cycle due 9/21H
273 CD /9 Month cycle due 9/21H

After the Boom: 

What's Next: We are now declining into the projected 10/11 short term Low. The late great Brock's proprietary Tunnel Price techniques projected 2772 SPX target, close to the 200 DMA at 2765 SPX, which we could acheive today. We should then see a sharp rally followed by another test of the Lows. Timing will be critical...

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