Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Review and Update on the Master Cycle

As mentioned before, the current Bull market remains relentless and in Blow off mode, all trends remain up and we remain in a steep up channel. We could see 2870 SPX Long term resistance reached by Feb 2018.

The 1/12-16 Cycle cluster came in 1-3 Trading days earlier at the 1/10 Low.
The 1/17-19 Time cluster was simply ignored, which is rare, but this can happen in Stuck Up markets as we have seen the last few weeks.

The Master cycle (MC) predicted the 12/29/17L (1) and 1/10/18L (2). 
The MC then suggested a 1/16H, which inverted to the brief 1/16L (3). 
The MC also suggested 1/22-23L, perhaps 1/23H (4)?.  
The MC remains dormant as it needs at least 3-5 direct "hits" to be considered active.
 I will be watching this cycle closely. As soon as it becomes active (even when inverted), it will be a very powerful and dominant cycle to watch and we will know when the future Highs and Lows will be and when the next big Crash wave will be.

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Waterbaby said...

i have this run on spy cash market high today 284.65 !