Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Master Cycle Update

The steepest Up channel got broken with this morning's sharp Gap lower.
Points "ABC" on the chart were 'hits", which means, they were predicted by the Master Cycle (MC), which is often exact or max 1 day off, but some were inverted, which doesn't count as the MC has to be more precise than that. Points 1 and 2 on chart, 1/24L and 1/26H, were direct hits, but we need a few more future "hits" for the MC to become "active" and dominant. After the 1/26H, the MC was expecting a retest of the 1/24L today, which we have now seen. We are watching closely 2 future dates for a XXX Low and XXX High, if seen, the MC then becomes the dominant cycle to watch.

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