Tuesday, August 29, 2017

8/29 Low

    1. We have declined into 8/29 Geometric time CIT (Change in Trend) suggesting an 8/29 Low in the make, we then rally into the next Time CIT
    2. Often (80% of the time), when Globex Futures are down all night, we see the Low of day (LOD) at the Open or in the 1st hour of trading.

  1. Intraday Forecast from last night & current. If we see a midday High,we will see a last hour High,confirming the Low am to High pm pattern

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Gold is breaking above long term weekly down channels, it may spell trouble for the stock markets


Vivek A said...


What is the next CIT date. Thanks!

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Vivek, its coming Up!, however, it is reserved for subscribers.