Friday, August 11, 2017

8/10-11 Low achieved, so what's next?

Forecast: form our last public post, I was looking for "an 8/7 Lunar Eclipse High and a decline into 8/11L+/-1 Day."

Actual: We saw an 8/8H, 1 day later and saw a sharp 53 SP decline into 8/10-11 Low into the 94 TD Cycle of Lows as expected.


The intraday cycle for Friday 8/11 sees a 1st hour High, midday High and last hour High
We saw a 9.50L and a 10.50 1st hour High.
If the midday High is higher than the 1st hour High, it suggests a last hour highest High and Vice Versa.

So, what's next?:  We touched long term channel support on the Emini SP at this morning's 8/11 Low. We should now see a strong rally, although there is another (higher) Low at the 8/15 Geometric time CIT. 

Raj Ian G. Thijm, Bsc, MBA
President Raj Time and Cycles, Inc.


melt said...

Hi Raj,

Was today enough to justify you cycle low of 8/15?

Also, how high do you think SPX can rally from here?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Rajacar‏ @TimeandCycles 8/22/17

The strong rally this morning confirms the 8/18 double CIT & 8/21 Solar Eclipse was an 8/21 Low. We are back above long term channel support