Friday, November 4, 2016

The 47 TD Cycle predicted the 9/7H and remains on track for a 11/8 Low

Forecasts from my last 10/21 public post"The 47 TD (Trading Days) alternating cycle, mentioned on September 9 2016, was looking for an early September High... 34 TD after the last 47 High is also a CIT...The 41-42 week cycle mentioned in that same post, also topped out at the same time and has an average 107 SP decline...The 47 TD Cycle suggests we see a choppy decline into 11/8 election Low, targeting 2093 SPX or 2069 SPX"

Actual: The last 47 TD cycle was the 9/7H  and 33 TD later, we made an 10/24 swing High and declined a sharp 105 SP's from that 9/7H and 109 SP's from the 8/15H, fulfilling the 41-42 week price targets into 11/4 Low at 2083.79 SPX, close to the 200 DMA at 2082.30 SPX, and 2 TD from the projected 11/8L. 

Numerology & the markets:

108 has been recently actively vibrating: 

It has been 108 years since the Cubs won the World series.

so I figured 108 must also be active in the markets and found this cycle

108 week+/-1 wk Cycle: 8/27/10L - 9/14/12H - 10/15/14L - 11/08/16 +/-1 week.

There is also a 350 TD cycle that is due on 11/08/16 +/- week. Of course, all the fixed cycles can and do expand or contract, so the Low could already be in today 11/4, but there is a real election angst that should cause choppiness to lower into 11/8.

What's Next: The 47 TD Cycle is still suggesting a 11/8 Low+/-3 TD.


Unknown said...

This suggests a Hillary Clinton victory. Market has been skittish each time Trump victory seemed more likely. If market rallies into Tuesday and then sells off (an inversion) Trump will be the victor.

Monsao said...

So Raj is this a high instead a low? tia

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Monsao, The 11/8 Low is +/-3 TD, so it could be the 11/4L

Trendtrader said...

Who is the BEST?

Raj is it!

congratulations Raj,..!

SBL said...

Wow James Foley, I did not believe Trump would win, lol.

Raj, do you have a new update? Since this dip recovery was insanely large, and money is still rushing into the market, could this be exhausted already, i.e. a pullback into options expiration week?

Sun Nov 13th is supposed to be a major turning point into positive sentiment according to Bradely Siderograph, and Monday Nov 14th 8:52 am we have a full moon.

the Options Expiration week is usually bullish, and the week before usually turns bearish today Thursday and into Monday but the election emotions have screwed with that, so that doesn't seem to be happening yet.

thank you for your service

Raj Time and Cycles said...

SBL, the Globex Low came in the morning of 11/9, which was the 47 TD cycle Low due on 11/8, the actual Cash Low was the 11/4 Major Low, which was also the 9 month cycle Low.

It is now Up and away, like we did on 6/27/16L and 2/11/16L, that was all that matters.

11/9 was for some the same as 9/11, Lol.

JeffD said...

I've also come around to plotting out this intermediate cycle. I find that the bottoms have the required "thrust" the tops are essentially sideways "rolling chop". Russell is the clear winner of this ICL, Biotech as well. It's also pretty clear that those two sectors are trading the ICH's/ICL's much more cleanly than ES/NQ.

From my perspective, there seems to be a more general awareness of this latest ICL. I think that is why the market vacuum occurred as many were getting positioned into this date and it took a bit of a shakeout to create the necessary imbalance in the market. Like Raj said, it's so quick and fast coming out of these cycle lows that many are left scratching their heads and thinking that it has to go back down to "fill in" some of the parabolic action. That is the problem with markets post 2009. There is just a general absence of retail trading and alot of shark's feasting off of one another

Chip said...

great charts, also since TRUMPY got in the baltic dry index is CRASHING UP. Have a look here ==>

Normally that is a sign shifting will happen in sectors, and make for lots of money to be made. WOW!