Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5/4 quick Update

Globex futures are lower, down -14 confirming lower Lows this morning 5/4L.

I was looking closely at the inverted turned straight cycle last night. 

It has a 5/4 Low, bounce for 1 day 5/5H and it does have another retest higher Low at 5/6-9L and as this is a Time cycle that 5/6-9L could be a possible lower Low. I do have a 5/9 double Geo CIT supporting a Low at that time.

In Summary, ideally we see plenty of volatility the next couple of days, lasting through 5/6-9L, before the actual rally phase starts, which is then followed by another decline to lower Lows.  As we are not seeing a crash wave Low right now, we should still see lower Lows in the coming weeks, but after a rally phase first. 


El Malagueno said...

On May 9th, the planet Mercury will pass in front of the sun /Mercury at inferior conjunction/. This is a nice place to low.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Possible 1.40 Low of day for today

Peter Lo said...

hey raj, any insights in to option ex next week, a little perplexed with my analysis. I know youre looking for a rally after the 9th, but i lean lower in to spy 200 zone before another rally to 210s, a rolling top similar to nov/dec 15 and may-aug 15. Are you also on camp on test of all time highs? You know where i lean ...186 tx