Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Intraday Times and Cycles 4/26/16

Good Morning,

Globex futures have been higher all night.

Often (80%), though not always we see the High of Day right at the open or in the 1st hour of trading.

Daytraders: The intraday cycle sees a 1st hour 10.20 Low, midday Low and last hour Low.

We gapped higher to a 10.05 Mebob High and saw a 10.15 Low so far. 

Today appears to be the inverse of yesterday and suggests after some initial strength, we sell off into the close.,

Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 4/26/16: 10.15, 11.20-25, 12.40, 2.15 pm Eastern

Actual: 10.05H, 10.15L

Intraday Cycle is the Pink lines (9.40H), 10.20L, 11.15H, 12.30L, 2.00H, 3.40L

Actual: 10.05H, 10.15L+

Tuesday sees a possible 9.40 cycle High+/-, decline to a 10.20 cycle Low at the 10.15 time CIT, rally to a 11.15 cycle High at the 11.20-25 double Time CIT, decline to a 12.30 cycle Low at the 12.40 time CIT, rally to a 2.00 cycle High at the 2.15 time CIT, decline to a 3.40 cycle Low+/-30 min.

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