Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The January 6-8 2016 swing Low

From my 12/2 Raj T&C Daily Email: The Master cycle suggests a 12/1-2 High. We should then decline into 12/9 Solar CIT and into the next Scorpio Moon Low.

Actual: We made a 12/2 swing High and saw a sharp 111.01 SP decline into 12/14 swing Low, 1 Trading day from the 12/11 Scorpio Moon Low. The 12/9 Solar CIT was a rare 10-15% miss as the decline continued into the dominant Scorpio Moon Low.

From the 12/12 Raj T&C weekend report: “The current bias is we see a 12/11-14 Scorpio Moon Low and rally into 12/17 OE week High at the 12/17 Solar and Geometric time CIT and then start a decline into 12/23-24 Lower Lows, below 1993 SPX”

Actual: From the 12/14 swing Low, we saw a sharp 83.46 SP rally into 12/16-17 High at the 12/17 time CIT. Since then, we have seen a volatile chop that was difficult to trade into a 12/29 High, which was 2 trading days past the 12/23-25 Geo and Solar Time CIT.

The January 6-8  2016 swing Low

 Currently, there is a Master cycle1 (MC1) that predicted the 11/3H, 12/2H, 12/19L(-1 =12/18L), 12/30H (-1 =12/29H) and is now looking for a January 5-6 2016 swing Low and then a sharp reversal higher afterwards. This cycle bottoms 1-2 days earlier than the upcoming 1/7-8 major Time Cluster, Time Square of Lows and next Scorpio Moon Low.

January 7-8 major Time Cluster+/-1
1. 1/5 Mercury goes Retrograde
2. 23 TD Cycle+/-2: 1/6/16 +/-2
3. 1/7 double Geometric CIT.
4. 1/7 major Bradley Date
6. 1/8
Scorpio Moon
7. 1/8 Monthly Unemployment Numbers
8. 1/8 Jupiter goes Retrograde
9. Time Squares of Lows from 10/4/11L + 32.74 = 1072 =1/08/16L
10. 1/10 Solar CIT
11. 1/11 Geometric CIT.

The proprietary Solar and Geometric Time CITs (Change in Trend) are most important and all other timing methods, like Bradley, Astro, etc. serve as confluence and support for these 2 timing methods.

Debilitated Scorpio Moon
The Moon (mind/emotions) is debilitated (is weakest) in Scorpio and is shown as the red vertical lines. (Click on charts below to enlarge) In the last 15 months, 9 of them were major Lows +/-1-, 2 of them were near major Highs+/-1 and 4 were misses.

Recent Scorpio Moons that were Lows are:
1/16/15L, 3/11L, 5/6L, 6/30L, 7/7L,  8/24L, 10/14L-2, 11/16L+1, 12/14/15L+1

The last Scorpio Moon was the 12/14/15L. The next Scorpio Moon Low is on 1/08/16.

Time Square of Lows from 10/4/11L
+ 16.76 Squared TD =  281 TD = 11/16/12L+1
+ 18.74 Squared TD =  351 TD = 02/25/13L-2,
+ 20.74 Squared TD =  430 TD = 06/22/13L+1
+ 22.74 Squared TD =  517 TD = 10/24/13 - Miss
+ 24.74 Squared TD =  612 TD = 03/14/14L+1,
+ 26.74 Squared TD =  715 TD = 08/07/14L-1,
+ 28.74 Squared TD =  826 TD = 01/16/15L
+ 30.74 Squared TD =  945 TD = 07/08/15L-1,
+ 32.74 Squared TD = 1072 TD = 01/08/16L

From the October 4 2011 Low, we have a series of mathematical Time squares that project only Lows, the next one is due January 8 2016 +/-1.

Bonus: Intraday Time and Cycles for Jan 6 2016 (for those that like precision)

We have 2 important intraday Time CITs (High or Lows) to watch today:

  1. 9.40 eastern time CIT, which is possibly the Low of the Day
  2. 11.50 eastern time CIT, which should be another Low.

What’s next: We should see an important January 6-8 major swing Low and start a sharp rally afterwards.


Topher said...

If you are expecting a low here, then may I assume you are not expecting the 360 trading day crash cycle to hit January 26th?

Daniel Almeida said...

failed ? bear market ?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, the 1/8-11 was one of those Rare Misses!

We saw a mini crash with a 195 SP decline so far into 1/13 Low.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Topher, anything is possible at this point in time.