Friday, January 9, 2015

4 Time and Cycles Forecasts, Review VS Actual

Forecast (1) from my 12/16/14 public blog forecast: “We are looking for a 12/16-17 short term Low at the triple 12/16-17 geometric and Solar CIT and a sharp, but brief rally, before we decline again.”
Actual: We made a 12/16 major Low and saw a sharp 120+  SP rally to All time Highs. The rally was even sharper and longer than expected.

Forecast (2) from the 12/31 T&C Intraday Update:Today is a confirmed High am to Low pm day and confirms the 12/26-29 Highs are in.”
Forecast (3) From 1/4 T&C weekend Report: Once the wave 1 or A Low is in, at 1/5-7L at the 55 TD Cycle CIT on 1/5 and a CD to TD CIT on 1/7,  we will see a wave 2 or B rally High into 1/9 Solar CIT High, before we decline in a wave 3 or C into 1/12-13 Lows at the 1/13 geometric CIT.'

Actual: The 12/26-29 double High was the 12/24 Solar CIT, 1 TD later and got confirmed with the 12/31 decline. We declined into 1/6L at the 55 TD and CD to TD CIT Low, as expected and rallied to 1/9 Solar CIT High at the 1st hourly Apex CIT High.

What’s next: Forecast (4): We should now see a fast wave 3 or C decline into 1/12-13 Low at the 1/13 geometric CIT

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