Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Trapdoor to Hell

For the last 7 weeks, the markets has been stuck in a large 50 SP Trading range, with 1835-40 SPX as critical Make or Break Trapdoor to Hell support and 1885-95 SPX as key resistance. We have now broken below the 1835-40 SPX Trapdoor to Hell, which should cause a sharper decline once we close below it.

In my last post, I mentioned: "We have been in a sideways trading range the last month, which ever way it breaks determines the next major direction in the markets." I was looking for a 3/28-31 Low."

Actual: The expected 3/28-31 Low was the 3/27 Low at 1842.11 SPX (1), 1 TD earlier. The 3/28 geometric CIT was the 3/27 Low. 3/27L was also as the 24 Squared week cycle Low and a Time squared CIT.

Updated forecast made on 4/2: The current bias is the 4/4 geometric Change in Trend (CIT) should be a swing High. 

Actual: We made fresh All time Highs at the 4/4 High at 1897.28 SPX and saw a Key reversal lower that day (2)

Forecast made on 4/7: Due to the many CITs in the coming week, we should see lots of volatility. From the 4/4 CIT High, we should decline into the 4/8 geometric CIT Low. We should then see a brief rally into 4/9-10H at the 4/10 geometric CIT. The decline then resumes into 4/11-14 Lows at the 4/11-14 T&C Cluster.

Actual: From the 4/4 High, we declined into 4/8 Low (3), rally into 4/10 High (4), reversed and decline into today 4/10 (5).

Friday 4/11 is the next proprietary Solar CIT and Monday 4/14 is the next important Trading day Squared CIT from 3/06/09 Major Lows:

Time Squares in TD from 03/06/09 Major Low has produced major Highs and Lows.
3/6/09L - 25.85^2 TD = 10/27/11H
3/6/09L - 27.84^2 TD = 04/02/12H
3/6/09L - 29.83^2 TD = 09/14/12H
3/6/09L - 31.83^2 TD = 03/18/13L (minor)
3/6/09L - 33.83^2 TD = 09/23/13H -2 (minor)
3/6/09L - 35.83^2 TD = 04/14/14 Next!

What's Next: We should make an 4/11-14 swing Low. The decline below 1835-40 SPX should see a sharper decline, but we should make an 4/11-14 Time Cluster CIT swing Low.


Alex Red said...

You said you made a forecast on 4/2 that "4/4 geometric Change in Trend (CIT) should be a swing High" but the last blog update was 3/28 and your last comment was 4/1. Where did you make the forecast? Thank you.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Alex,

Those forecasts were made via private email and on my private blog for clients

john said...

he did it. i subscribe

John Camp said...

Hi Raj,

from what you are posting that early next week should be a swing low? if so, you will have a new client signing up.


John Camp said...

Hi Raj,

If by early next week we have a swing low, you will have a new client.


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thank John for the vote of confidence. The subs will receive the next 2 weeks forecast in details as well.

Hi John Camp, Yes 4/14 Low +/-1 TD should be the next swing Low for a rally until the next swing High.

Timing will be critical to get in and out.

Best of Luck.

Alex Red said...

If this is a swing long, why is this post titled "The Trapdoor to Hell"? We are below the trading range and should be heading to Feb lows.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Alex, everything in due time, from the 4/11 Low we should rally to the next High and then we head to lower lows.

Anon dip said...

Hi raj.. is the next high near

MP said...

Great blog RAJ...3 Thumbs UP...


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Anon, soon.

Thanks MP!

Raziq Doust said...

Hi Raj Thanks for your great calls.
When do you think the next will be and will it be a higher or lower high. Also I sub. to your email service, but no response so far.
Thanks again

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thanks Raziq,

My clients know when the next Highs and Lows are due.

I am not sure I understand, What steps did you take to get no response? To contact me, you need to email me at:

Anon dip said...

looks like a trapdoor to hell for bears...
Raj.. the highs will be a new All Time High?