Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Intraday Time and Cycle Review Tuesday 12/17 and Forecast 12/18

Review: “Intraday 5 min SPX Time CIT 12/17/13: 9.35, 10.30, 11.25, 3.45 pm”

Actual: 9.30 High od day (HOD), 10.40 High, 11.30 Low of Day (LOD), 3.35 High

Review: “Intraday Cycle is the Cyan lines: (9.40L), 10.00H, 11.00L, 12.30H, 2.30L, 3.50H.

Tuesday sees a possible 9.40 Low at the 9.35 CIT, rally to a 10.00 cycle High at the 10.30 CIT, decline to a 11.00 cycle Low at the 11.25 CIT, rally to a 12.30 cycle High+/-30, decline to 2/30 cycle Low+/-30, rally to a 3.50 cycle High at the 3.45 CIT.”

Actual: 9.30HOD, 10.15H, 11.30LOD, 2.15H, 3.25H, 4.05L
The intraday cycle saw a 2.15 High and 4.05 Low.

Intraday Time and Cycle Forecast 12/18

Intraday 5 min SPX Time CIT 12/18/13: 10.10, 11.05 Apex, 1.15*, 1.45, 3.25 pm

Intraday Cycle is the Cyan lines: (9.40L), 10.30H, 11.15L, 12.20H, 2.00L, 3.40H

Wednesday sees a possible 9.40 Low+/-, rally to a 10.30 cycle High at the 10.10 CIT, decline to a 11.15 cycle Low at the 11.05 Apex CIT, rally to a 12.20 High at the 1.15 CIT, decline to 2.00 cycle Low at the 1.45 CIT, rally to a 3.40 cycle High at the 3.25 CIT.

Notes: There is an Apex CIT around 11.05 am. Fed's decision on IR is at 2.15 pm.
If we rally solidly above the 5 min Downtrend line at 1784 SPX, it is bullish, below is bearish.

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11k said...

Thanks for your free trial week. Your work is interesting.

May i suggest that you can publish your work/service in a more easily usable format - if you could mark the cycle high/low's on a 5 min bar chart that continuously updates (such as in stockcharts.com), that would be much more easily comprehensible. (your present chart format is not so easy to read for me because of clutter)

Instead of using lines, you can use up/down arrows indicating your preferred highs and lows (and may be a second set of different color if inverted), marked on chart ahead of time.

It is due to my own laziness to follow strings of times/numbers that i am not bothering to follow your good work. But there may be others like me too.

If I can see that i can use it, I would be interested in subscribing.

Thank you.