Friday, December 2, 2011

The Master Cycle 2 review and the bailout fever

 The Master Cycle2 (MC2) has been uncanny and precise, even in its day by day predictions Up into the bailout decision this last weekend.  

The bailout this past weekend and on 11/30 has certainly skewed the prices higher than expected, but so far, the MC2's timing has been tracking fairly well. 

Please note: the Master Cycle does not always predict Price Magnitude as it is a Time Cycle, it tells you when to expect the next highs and Lows. We are dealing with a Global Central Bank intervention, which is like a QE3, but so far the MC2 has been ontrack. 

In general the MC2 (click on chart to enlarge) predicted a 11/28 Low and generally higher prices into 12/2 High.

The MC2 is +/-1 TD. The detailed day by day MC2 is not always a guarantee but so far so good:

1. Monday 11/28 Low, which was also a  38 TD Low, arrived 1 day earlier at the close of Friday 11/25 Low due to the  $500 Billion bailout weekend news.
2. 11/29: expect an up day and close near its Highs, which we saw.
3. 11/30: The MC2 suggested 11/30 should see initial weakness, then reverse higher and close near its Highs. 11/30 Globex saw a lower Low, then we saw a 2nd bailout news with Global Central Bank intervention and we closed on our Highs.
4. 12/1: expect a narrow trading day, that is what we saw.
5. 12/2 (today) Initially Up day and then reverse lower by the close.

The global Bailout news is a pure gamble and skewed the cycles higher than expected, but the timing has been pretty much in there. 

The bailout doesn't solve the underlying problems, it does one thing: It transfers the crooked gambling Banks debts to the Taxpayers of the world, something that needs to change soon.

You won't believe what the MC2 is looking for next, be prepared.

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Timer said...

Very well timed.

I presume the gamble will not pay off, and the loss from this reckless gamble will be a shame financial disaster for the whole world to bear.