Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 12/19 Low

From the Master Cycle 2 (MC2) 12/9 High (see last post: http://timeandcycles.blogspot.com/2011/12/results-of-129-10-time-and-cycle.html), the MC2 (click on chart to enlarge) was looking for a decline into 12/15 Low ( In Calendar Days, it was due in the weekend on 12/17L).

From the 12/17 weekend Email: " It is not clear what the 12/17 Solar CIT will be. It has a 84-90% accuracy and is at most +/-1 TD.  The Hurst 20 TD Cycle Low suggests a 12/20 Low +/-2, but should have arrived early at the 12/14 Low or we can still see a spillover 12/19 Monday Low"

Today's rally confirms the 12/19 Low as the MC2 Low (2 TD late),  the 20 TD Hurst Low and the 12/17 Solar CIT Low. It is rare for the MC2 to be more than 1 TD off, but the 12/17 Solar CIT and Hurst 20 TD Low pulled the markets down into Monday 12/19 Low. The MC2 is now looking for a rally into next MC2 Cycle High, then a sharp and fast decline should follow, be prepared.

Happy and joyful Holidays to all.

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