Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update of the 2011-2012 Master Cycle Forecast

The 2011-2012 Master Cycle Forecast
 The Master Cycle (MC) 1st mentioned and forecasted in the beginning of 2011 (Cyan lines), was looking for generally higher prices into June 2011. We saw a May and July Major High instead. 
The HIGH of the year is confirmed in and we should now be weaker into the 2nd Half of the year and lower into November 2011 when the next 35 week cycle  (see chart) Lows are due.  1101 is 38% and 1018 is 50% retrace, right at the 7/1/10 Major Lows at 1010 SPX. The Price Magnitude is not a guarantee in the chart, but should be a general guideline. Other cycles that I watch confirms the MC outlook that we are now down the rest of the year and into 2012 Major Lows.

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