Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alert: 7 Reasons for the Low to be in this week

As many are wondering when the next major swing Low will be, here are

7 Reasons for the Low to be in this 8/9-12 week

1. Both the 7 and 3.5 Year Lunar Cycles suggests 8/10/11 Major Low +/-
2. I had a Long Term geometric CIT due on 8/9/11
3. The 55 TD cycle suggests 8/9L, 8/12H and 8/17 Low.
4. The dominant sq wk cycle  suggests the next decline is into the 8/12 Cycle Lows +/-3
5. The 17-18 week cycle and 20 TD Hurst Cycles suggests an 8/12-15 major Low +/-3 TD
6. There is today's 8/11 Solar CIT and we're declining into it. There is also a Monday 8/15 CIT
7. The NDX 66wk cycle is due in this 8/8-12 week

Be alert, it is possible 8/9/11 was the Low, but the 8/11 Solar CIT, Friday 8/12 Cycle CIT and Monday 8/15 CIT should be watched for the final confirmation.

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