Friday, April 16, 2010

Intraday & Daily Times and Cycles

This was sent out last night:
"The next 298 Cycle is due near the close of 4/15, where is there is an hourly CIT. 
The Master Cycle now suggests the following: 4/15/10 High, near the close. 
Swing traders: The geometric 4/15-16 CIT was a 4/15 High and we should see a sell-off into...
The 7/18/06L + 37X37 CD (square)= 4/17/10+/- is the next major CIT.  Any break below 1190 SPX MOB channel support, will trigger a further decline to the Master Cycle Target.

Intraday Cycle:
Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 4/16/10: 10.20, 1.15-20** and 2.30 pm EST
Intraday Cycle: 10.30H, 12.30L, 1.30H, 3.00-30L 

Friday’s bias is a High am to Low pm with a 1st hour High at the 10.20 CIT, decline to a 12.30 Cycle Low... If the MC is correct, we should close near our Lows tomorrow. 

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