Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 296 Cycle, the 4/17 CIT and the Master Cycle general bias

The 5 min 296 Cycle, that last called the 4/15 High is next due around 12.40 pm today (click on chart to enlarge)

In a previous post, I mentioned that the 4/17 Major CIT was 37 X 37 CD + 7/18/06L

The 4/17 weekend CIT was either a 4/15 High or a 4/19 Low.
The current bias is it was an 4/19 Low. The 4/19 Low was also a perfect 12/24  TD Hurst Low.
The Master Cycle, as most know is bullishly biased through October 2010 and suggests all declines will be short-lived, before heading much higher. 

The Master Cycle (MC) was looking for 2 Lows, one was the 2/5/2010 Low and the other was to be a Mid March Low, which may have arrived 2-3 weeks earlier to the 2/25/2010 Low. 2/25/10 was also confirmed as the 40 TD Cycle Low:

40 TD Lows: 7/8/09L -40- 9/2L -42- 11/2L -41- 12/31L -37- 2/25L

IF the 2/25/10 Low was the reset MC Low, we then had a similar "straight Up" rally that the MC was predicting, as we have seen into the 4/15 High.

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Anonymous said...

your 5 min 296 cycle nailed it today

I have great confidence 4.15.2010 CIT was a high

thanks for all your work