Monday, March 22, 2010

The MC 2010 Update

The Master Cycle (MC) called for a 2/8/2010 Major Low of the year (see previous posts). The actual Low arrived 1 TD earlier on the 2/5/2010 Low. The MC was then looking for a strong rally into early March and a retrace of that Low by Mid March Low, before heading generally much Higher.

From the MC 2010 Forecast:

"1. The MC can be correct and exact sometimes predicting exact swing Highs and lows for many days, weeks and months at a time. In this time you might tend to “fall in Love” with this cycle and be impressed with its accuracy, but Caveat Emptor.
2.At other times, the MC can and will be flat out wrong. For some unknown reason, the MC fades, inverts or becomes dormant. This could last for days, weeks and even months. It is best to use it only when it is “active”. I define a cycle to be active when it gets 3 “Hits”, ie when it gets 3 Highs and Lows correct. When it is inactive, I simply don’t use it. I use my other Time & Cycle work to tell me what is happening. It is best to be patient and wait until it becomes active again and then trade on it as it tends to be very precise, as can be seen in the many examples above.

3. The MC does not always follow the predicted Price magnitude, ie the actual Price rally/decline could be a whole lot bigger/smaller than the forecasted Price rally/decline as shown on the forecasted chart."

The MC didn't see the expected sharp decline into 3/15L this time, but a much higher 3/15 Low (see chart, Red line is correct, blue line = wrong). In this case we didn't see the same Price magnitude decline. For now the MC has been put on hold. From the 3/15 Low, it is forecasting future Highs and Lows, which I will be updating for subscribers and I will be watching patiently to see if the MC becomes active once again.

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Anonymous said...

Not,iam not believe you bull scenary in stockmarket.5 february low of year¡Why?You should to see index vix or window puetz before summer,a crash is good this year.
Regards,excuseme but not beleive you forecast.