Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gold Time and Cycles

Timing CITs:
4/5, 4/12, 4/26, 5/27

Cycle CITs: There is a regular 100-360 TD Hurst Cycle due in the coming 3/29- 4/1 week:

3/26 = 100 TD 10/30/09L

3/26 = 120 TD 10/02/09L

3/30 = 180 TD 07/13/09L

3/31 = 240 TD 04/17/09L

4/01 = 360 TD 10/24/08L

There is a regular Fibonacci 55 week cycle due Late August- Early September 2010.

Price Support resistance CITs: 1042, 1017 and 1001.

Gold is in a wave C or final E wave down and once complete we should see the bullish trend resume. Longer term Gold should head much higher.


Anonymous said...

you wrote : ''The market keeps chopping higher, despite brief setbacks, frustrating both the Bulls and the Bears.

After a close study of the Master Cycle SERIES, they all suggest a 3/31 HIGH, before a more serious decline starts.

3/31 is the next Solar CIT, which is 84-90% accurate. 3/31 is also the next Geometric CIT, which is 70-80% accurate.

Combining these 2 Timing Solar and Geometric CIT along with the Master Cycle Series suggesting a 3/31 high, gives me a high confidence that the 3/31 Major Timing CIT will be High, before a stronger decline starts.


TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

Larger than what we saw since thw 2.5 Major Lows, ideally we should stay above 1100 SPX