Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vedic Lunar Calendar's 3 most important Dates

What you can find right away (If you know what you are looking for) are the 3 most important Dates for every year:

1. 3/16 -3/24, The 9 days of Mother Divine in the Spring, which ends with Ram Navami

2. 10/8-10/16, The 9 days of Mother Divine in the Fall, which ends with Victory Day on 10/17.

3. 11/5/10, Dipavali, Festival of Light, Mahalaksmi Day. In the past 3 of the greatest crashes in Market history ended right before the lotus feet of the Great Goddess of wealth, Dipavali: 10/29/29, 10/20/87 and 10/28/97. These are aka Carolan's Dark Days.

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