Monday, June 29, 2009

The Master Cycle detailed Cycles

The Master Cycle (MC) is a Vedic based series of Cycle predicting Highs and Lows.

There are currently 2 series I am watching:

1. Major Cycle: 5/8H, 5/21L, 6/2H, 6/11L, 6/17L, 6/25L, strong rally in July to new Highs...

Actual: 5/8H, 5/21L, 6/2H, 6/11H=Inversion!, 6/17L, 6/23L, If 2 days early, then we are now in a strong rally Phase in July.

2. Minor Cycle: 5/8H, 6/23L, strong rally in July
to new Highs.

Actual: 5/8H, 6/23L, strong rally phase.

There was an unusual large Time Cluster the whole of last week, starting with the triple MTC on 6/19-22 and lasting through 6/25-26-29 Timing CITs. Last week saw a 6/23 potential Major wave (4) Low and we should now see a strong rally in July.

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