Friday, March 6, 2009

Triple Fibo and triple Trendline Support

The triple FIBO and Triple Trendline cluster Major Support below the 11/21/08 Lows is the Anti Christ number is 666 SPX:

1. The 62% retrace of 8/82L-10/07H
2. Wave 3 = 1.5 X wave 1.
3. wave 1 = 139.55 * 2 = double down target = wave 1 extension
4. The Monthly chart shows atleast 3 Trendlines supporting this area, making this a Major Support area.


John said...

I have to admit the 6th Mar low is interesting both in time and price .
Just from an astro point of view mercury was at 28 degrees in Aquarius - Nov 21 st last year low we also had mercury at 28 degrees scorpio .- minus 45 degrees
Also more importantly on the 9th March Jupiter to Saturn has increased by 45 degrees from 11th October 2007 high ( from 101 degrees to 146 degrees ) .
Jupiter to Saturn at hard angles has occurred at some important turns in the last couple of years . Example 11th Oct 2007 high , 23rd Jan 2008 low , March 15th 2008 and 21st Nov 2008 low .
I have to say before looking at the 6th low I was looking at 11th - 13th March as possible CIT .

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

I do have an important CIT on 3/11,probably in the first hour, it must be another Low.

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

John, if you are reading this, please email me privately

laketravis said...

Hello Raj,

Do you have any comments about the market for now 6/5/2009?

Best Regards,