Friday, November 30, 2007

Here comes Santa Clause..

Here comes Santa Clause..

The Lows are in
on 11/26/07 completing the large C wave down and it is looking more and more very bullish, with an impulsive move up from 11/26 lows, I don't see any lower Lows out there. We also have a wedge Break, which is very bullish.

We are headed to 1490 very fast today with EOM window dressing and
people wanting to enjoy the Santa Clause Rally to usher in a Happy Xmas atmosphere next month and what might even shock and awe the Bears is when we break through that old Trapdoor to Hell @1490 SPX and make new All Time Highs.

Shorter Term, There are 3 "longer term" CITs due today, 11/30, on the hourly they are clustering in the 1st couple of hours in the morning, on the 5minute chart they are spread out during the day, a short term High is likely today.

Note: Many people have signed up in the last couple of days to join the Time and Cycles (T&C) Yahoo group.
T&C is a paid site and we do need a valid email (not hidden) from you. This may be the reason you have not heard back from us.

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