Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Master Cycle suggests a 3/4-05 major swing High

Review from 2/26/19 Report: "The 2/21 time Square CIT High could be the overdue 45 TD Hurst swing 2/25H, along with the 2/22 time Geo and 2/23 (2/22-25) Solar Time CITs."

"There is a CD to TD CIT is on 2/28, along with 25 TD cycle due 3/1, the 3/1 Bradley and 3/4 Emini Apex CIT is biased to be another High."

Review from 2/27/19 Update: "We are seeing a further decline this morning, confirming the 2/25H is in place, but after a 2/27L, we are still expecting another High due 3/1-4 lower or higher High."

Actual: We made a 2/25H, declined into 2/27L and made a 3/4H

What's Next: There is a proprietary Master Cycle (MC) that forecasted:

1. 9/21/18H
2. 10/29/18L
3. 11/7/18H
4. 12/3/18H
5. 12/26/18 major Low

The MC can be off by 1-2 TD, but it has been generally in there.  

The MC now suggests a 3/04-05 major swing Highfollowed by a sharp decline into XXX. 

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