Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December 10 swing Low

In my last public updates on 11/25 and 11/26, we were looking for a 11/23-26 swing Low.

From the 11/25 Raj T&C weekend Report: "We are declining into the 11/23-26 T&C Cluster suggesting a 11/23-26 swing Low (#1 on chart), we should then rally into 12/3H (#2) and see another decline into 12/10L (#3)We are expecting a hard retest of that 11/26L at the 12/10L. There is an outstanding 2580 SPX flagpole target"

Actual: We bottomed on 11/23 Low, rallied 169.10 SP's into 12/3 High and saw a sharper 217 SP decline into the 12/10 Lows, reaching our 2580 SPX Flagpole target.

What's Next: 12/10 should be another swing Low and we start another sharp rally into XXX swing High and see another decline afterwards.

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