Tuesday, July 24, 2018

7/24 short term High

Review: In our July 2 update, we were looking for a 7/2 major Low, with a hard retest of the 6/28 Low and a sharp rally afterwards: https://timeandcycles.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-active-dominant-cycle-july-2-major.html

Actual: We made a 6/28-7/2 double Low and have since rallied into today's Highs. 

What's Next?: We are rallying into the 7/24 Geometric time CIT & 1st hourly CIT today, suggesting a 1st hour High at 2830 SPX channel resistance, but as bullish momentum is strong, we need a reversal lower to confirm. There is a 25 TD Cycle due 7/25 supporting a 7/24-25 short term High as well. 

2.44 pm Eastern Update:  We are seeing a nice reversal lower from the 1st hourly CIT High today, Key channel support to watch 2801 SPX and the 7/23 last siwng Low at 2795 SPX.

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