Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Raj Time and Cycles 6/6/18 Review & Forecast

In my last major Cycle update, I was looking for an 4/18-19 swing High

From 4/19 Daily Email: “From the 4/18-19H, we were looking for a 5 day sharp decline into 4/25L

Actual: We made an 4/18H and saw a 5 day relatively sharp 105 SP decline into 4/25L.

The dominant cycle (green Lines) then predicted a choppy rally, with an 4/30H, 5/1L, 5/3H-1, 5/4 swing Low, followed by another rally into 5/10H+2, which was the 5/14 swing High.

The dominant cycle recently had 7 hits: 5/15L, 5/17H, 5/21L (5/18L -1), 5/22H, 5/29L, rally into 5/30H at the 5/30 Geo CIT and another decline into 6/1 Low (5/31L-1).

What’s next: We are looking for a short term 6/7 High, followed by another decline into XXX and another rally afterwards.

Daytraders: Intraday Time and Cycle Forecast:

Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 6/06/18: 10.35-40, 12.35, 3.50, 4.15 pm Eastern


Intraday Cycle is the Pink lines(9.40H), 10.20L, 11.15H, 12.30L, 2.00H, 3.10L

Actual: 9.45H, 10.10L

Wednesday sees a possible 9.40 cycle High+/- , decline to a 10.20 cycle Low at the 10.35-40 time CIT, rally to a 11.15 cycle High+/-30, decline to a 12.30 cycle Low at the 12.35 time CIT, rally to a 2.00 cycle High+/-30 min, decline to a 3.10 cycle Low at the 3.50-4.15 pm time CIT.

Actual: We gapped higher to a 9.45H and made a 10.10 1st hour Low so far.

The intraday cycle sees a 1st hour Low, midday Low and last hour Low.

If the midday Low is lower than the 1st hour Low, it suggests a last hour lowest Low and Vice Versa.

Tomorrow’s intraday cycle is biased higher.

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