Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Banks, Bonds Dollar & Gold all saw a 9/8 week major cycle CIT (Change in Trend)

The Banks weekly had a 111 week cycle that bottomed at the 9/8 week at 89.13 and has since closed sharply higher last week at 99.26. A solid rally and close above 99.03 will lead to a test of its All time Highs at 121.16.

The weekly Bond markets Interest Rates bottomed at the 133 wk cycle at the 9/8 week at 26.51 and closed higher last week at 28.57, suggesting an intermediate Interest Rate Low & Bond High was formed. 

The Dollar weekly Chart bottomed at the 162-63 week cycle Low at the 9/8 week at 90.99  and closed higher last week at 92.885. We may have bottomed a large wave C of an expanding triangle. 

The Gold weekly chart topped out at the 90 week cycle at the 9/8week at 1347.30 and closed sharply lower last week at 1281.50. 

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Sokjun Lee said...

Coming up tomorrow, Could be a top day.