Friday, September 8, 2017

The August Eclipses, catastrophes and forecasting the stockmarkets

The great Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17 (biblical) passover the USA, was predicted to be catastrophic for the USA. 

Here is what has happenend in only the past few weeks since that 8/21/17 Eclipse:
2. Floods in South East Asia, 1200 dead in India, Bangladesh and Nepal: 8/30/17 

3. Hurricanes Irma & Jose in Carribean & Florida 9/7/17: (Please stay safe!)

6. Earthquakes: in Mexico  9/8/17

7. War Talk: Late August - September 2017

8. The stockmarkets made an 8/8/17 high, right at the 8/7 Lunar Eclipse and an 8/21/17 Low, right on the 8/21 Solar Eclipse.

On our private & public Time and Cycles blog and at, we were looking for an 8/21L (#1 on chart below) and 8/29L (#2 on chart).

Forecast from the 8/29/17 Raj T&C Daily Email: "The cycle bias is: We see a choppy volatile week, with an 8/29L, rally into 9/1H, decline into 9/5L, rally into 9/13H"

Actual: We saw an 8/29L (#2 on chart above), rallied into an 9/1H (#3), declined into 9/5L (#4) as expected so far.

What's Next: We should see a choppy rally into 9/13 High+/-1  at the 9/12 Solar time CIT, 9/12 Geo time CIT and 9/13 Long term Geometric time CIT (Change in Trend). The next few months into October does not look too stellar, it is best to be prepared.

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