Friday, October 24, 2014

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast October 24 2014

In my last public post, I was looking for a 9/26 CIT (Change in Trend) Low. This CIT became the 9/25 swing High instead.

From 9/26 T&C report: “We will see another rally into 10/3-6 Major Time cluster CIT. The 10/3 CIT has 7 hits: 1. 10/3 Solar. 2. 10/4 Cycle CIT. 3. 4 Geometric CITs and 4. 10/4 is the “end of the 9 days of Mother Divine CIT”.

From 9/30 T&C report: “There is a potential “Mother Divine Crash Cycle that sees a 10/20 crash Low, but we will address that potential-or not by the 10/3-6 cluster CIT High”

From 10/3 T&C report: “If we see an 10/3-6 High, we will see another sharp decline into 10/10 Solar CIT”

Actual: We made an 10/6 major secondary High, right at the 10/3-6 major Time Cluster CIT and declined sharply into 10/15 Low, which  saw a volatile recovery after that. The markets declined beyond my 10/10 Low date and bottomed before the 10/20 Low date, which was a miss in my work.

The 10/15L hit major long term 10/4/11L-11/16/12L channel support at 1820.66 SPX.

From 10/15 T&C report: Remember the 360 TD/75 week Cycle? There is one 360 cycle that was similar 7/16/07H=9/19/14H and 8/16/07L=10/18L” 

Actual: This cycle bottomed out on 10/15 Low, right at parallel channel support and saw a similar Time and Price decline as the 7/16/07 High to the 8/16/07 Low and if we continue to follow this cycle, we will see a sharp rally to all time Highs (3).

What’s next: The major Low is in and we should rally into the next major Time and Cycle cluster CIT and make another swing High.

10/24 Evening Update: Monday and perhaps Tuesday 10/27-28 should be down days, before we head higher once again.

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