Friday, September 26, 2014

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast Sep 26, 2014

In my last public post, I was looking for an 9/11-12 Low.


Forecast from the 9/12 Daily Email: “We are looking for a 9/11-12 Low. From there we rally into 9/19 High. Afterwards we see a relative sharp decline into 9/26 Time Square, Cycle and Solar CIT Low.”



Actual: We made a Monday 9/15 Low (1 on chart), 1 TD later and saw a 40.78 SP rally into 9/19 All time Highs (2 on chart). We then saw a 53.27 SP sharp decline into 9/25 Lows (3 on chart). 


Time Square of 9 Lows from 10/11/07 (Red lines on chart)
10/11/07 - 11/16/12L = 1285 TD = 35.85^2 and 131.16 SP decline in 63 CD
37.85^2 = 1433 TD = 06/24/13L and 126.85 SP decline in 33 CD
38.85     = 1509 TD = 10/10/13L-1 and 82.97 SP decline in 20 CD
39.85    = 1588 TD = 02/04/14L+1 and 112.92 SP decline in 21 CD
40.85    = 1669 TD = 06/02/14L miss
41.85    = 1751 TD = 09/26/14 Low

There are many who believe timing important Market Highs and Lows (Change in Trends = CIT) is futile and impossible, but as we have shown in the past weeks and months, pinpointing exact Highs and Lows is not only possible, it has been and can be done on a consistent basis. The proprietary Solar, Geometric and Time Square Time CIT's are precise mathematical tools.


What’s next: We are looking for a 9/26 swing Low+/-1 Day at the important Time Square CIT above and another rally into the next major swing High.


scott said...

why dont you mention the flash crash cycle that didnt pan out at all but which you made a big deal about and know have simply forgotten...


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Scott, I mentioned that on Aug 22:

"The FC cycle never got triggered as we didn’t get to the 1883 SPX Make or Break support."

Jim said...

Thanks for sharing your work Raj. I have been a follower of your work for years, and find it both timely and actionable. Regards, Jim P.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thanks Jim and you are welcome

andre van Staveren said...

Next swing high oct 3rd; then oct 10 low. I think.

dc-BEAR said...

Friends, only the Lord...and Aunt Yellen to a much lesser degree...truly know what the future holds. Ok, and sometimes Raj Times...+/- 1 day.
Well done on your recent successes.

wiseman said...

your crash cycle is off by +1/-1 month!

Raj Time and Cycles said...

wiseman, Yes and I know which one of them is active