Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time and Cycles Review and Forecast


In my last blog post, I was looking for a decline into 8/16-19 CIT (change in trend), which was a miss as we declined beyond that date.

Forecast from the 8/29 Daily Email (2 weeks ago): "The 8/23-24 Solar time Change in trend (CIT) became a Monday 8/26H. Shorter Term: We decline into 8/28-30 Solar CIT Low, then rally into 9/5 or 9/11 Solar Time CIT lower Highs.

Actual: The 8/29 Solar time CIT was the 8/28 Low. The 9/5 Solar and Geometric time CIT was the 9/6 Low and we are now rallying into the 9/11 Solar time CIT. The proprietary Solar Time CIts continue to be highly accurate.

There was also an 8/29-9/2 Time and Cycle (T&C) CIT Cluster.

Time Squares from 7/18/06 major Low have a long history of accuracy:
7/18/06L + 50 Squared Days = 5/22/13H
7/18/06L + 51 Squared Days = 8/31/13 => 8/28/13L.

Time Squares from 4/26/10 major High also had plenty of hits.
4/26/10H + 33 Squared Days = 04/19/13L
4/26/10H + 34 Squared Days = 06/25/13L
4/26/10H + 35 Squared Days = 09/02/13 => 8/28-30L.

Furthermore, we had a 55 week, 89 TD Cycle, 23 & 45 TD Cycle that became the 8/28/13 Low, which was right at the 11/16/12L- 6/24/13L trend line and down channel support.

What’s next: We broke above the daily down channel and 8/26 last swing High, which is bullish. We should now rally into the 9/11 Solar time CIT, decline into the 9/13 geometric time CIT and rally into the 9/18 Solar CIT and make a lower or higher High. Make or break resistance above is at 1692 SPX, which is both the 78.6% retrace and Trapdoor resistance. A rally above that will lead to a retest of the 8/2 all time Highs.


Suren said...

Everyone is predicting a decline into the 1st week of Oct. or Nov. including the Elliott Wave theorist where SPX is supposed to go down to 1,580 odd. Do you see the same decline?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

I tend to shy away from what everyone thinks as that usually turns out to be wrong, we'll see.

Silverlady said...

Hi Raj,

Based on your study we get a pullback
thursday and friday this week?


wiseman said...

the market is currently over brought

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Silverlady, that is the idea, we decline into 9/13L+/-1