Thursday, June 13, 2013

We are at a major Low

In my 6/6 post, I had a Time and Cycle Cluster Low due around 6/11/13 +/-.

"There is a proprietary Astrological "passover" CIT suggesting we bottom as early as 6/6-7, but other cycles continue to decline into the 6/11 major Time and Cycles Cluster Low."

Actual: We made a 6/6 Major Low at the Passover major CIT and saw a retest of those Lows at today's 6/13 Low. 

The 140 TD Cycle was due 6/11 +/- and should bottom this week.

In the 5/19 blog post, the dominant Time and Cycles were explained.

Normal fixed cycles versus active Master Cycles.
Normal fixed Cycles expand and contract and is always +/- few weeks or months. Over time, I have found that for some reason, some historic cycles repeat day by day and this cycle is active for many weeks and sometimes many months, until they stop working and disappear. I have named these kind of cycles the Master Cycles, because they follow a certain numerology that can be found in the Bible as well as in Ved.  With any of the Master Cycle and other cycles that are considered "active", all predicted Highs and Lows are often exact or at most +/- 1 TD.  The main rule that I use is the Master Cycle is active as long as the predicted swing Highs and Lows are either exact or +/-1 TD and it is not considered active, ie it will be incorrect, if it exceeds this 1 TD variance of predicted Highs and Lows. The benefit is you will know right away if the cycle is incorrect within 1 trading day. If the Cycle is not “active” anymore, it becomes “dormant” and it should not be used for future predictions. Both fixed and Master cycles should be used, but normal fixed cycles, does not have the active Master Cycle’s accuracy.

There is now an active Master Cycle  that has been generally in the market, as it called the 10/18/12H and 11/16/12L. It became more active just recently when it became a day by day event, forecasting the:

4/18/13L, 5/22/13H, 6/6/13L, the sharp bounce into 6/10/13H and now calls for a 6/13/13 Major Low+/-1.

This Low is in sync with the 35 Month, 140 TD, 37 TD, 11 wk, 22 wk and 77 week cycles all bottoming this week.

This morning we touched the major Up channel support since the 11/16/12 Low

Bottom line: 6/13/13 should be a major Low and we see a sharp reversal higher.


Marketguy said...

unless it's like April 2012.

Elton Kelley said...

Raj, thanks for sharing. Any thoughts on the Bradley Siderograph that predicts 6/22/13 as the end of this bull market? See (courtesy of MPG Trader)

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Elton,

I do value Bradley, although it is not exact. We are headed higher beyond that date.

Edwardo said...

If the market is headed higher beyond the 22nd then the most recent high stands little chance of holding. Wouldn't you say?

Marketguy said...

doesn't it seem strange to be putting in a major low when we are only 3% off a record all time high?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Edwardo, we will have to see about that/

The MC called for the Friday 6/14 Low close and a Monday gap Up, which we have now seen, so far so good.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

I posted on my blog a few weeks ahead, calling for a 6/6 Low and 6/13 Low.

here are a few additional reasons.

There was also a Price and Time and a Beast cycle at the 6/6 Low:

3/24/00H@1553 SPX, 3/6/09L+1553 = 6/6/13L

Beast Numerology: 9/1/00H + 666 weeks = 6/6/13L (-1)

dc-BEAR said...

it has begun...

of course, only the Lord knows for sure...always in motion the future is...thanx to uncle Ben...

best to your trades!

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Dc Bear, it certainly has.

The pattern of Fed Highs in 2013 (5/22H, 4/11H, etc) and the rising bearish wedge were among the reasons we called for a 6/19 High and a sharp decline afterwards, although it wasn't expected to take out the 6/6 Lows, which is very bearish.

I was expecting one last High, before the decline bagan, but as the 6/6 Low has been violated, it confirms the Bearish Scenarios are already in play and the coming High will be a lower High

Suren said...


Does that mean, we have seen the HIGH for the year or higher highs are still in store?

Marketguy said...

that's assuming we "do" get a lower high and don't waterfall.

Unknown said...

We should still see one more high IMHO.