Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mars and the Dragon

In Vedic Astrology, there's an ancient Dragon that was split in a
fierce battle into two parts, the upper half of the dragon's Body, Rahu
is the Moon's ("True") North Node and the lower half of the body is
Ketu, the Moon's South Node, which causes the Solar and Lunar Eclipses.
Whenever these malefics Nodes comes into a hard angles (0, 90, 180,
270 degrees) aspect with another big malefic, Mars, the planet of War,
it often produce some intense and violent conflicts and Change in Trends (CIT).

Some examples of Mars Rahu aspects from the past:
Mars squares Rahu: between 7/4/90 and 8/20/90, exact aspect was on
7/23/90. The market declined from 7/13/90 into 8/23/90.
Mars squares Rahu: Between 9/20/97 and 10/30/97, exact aspect was on
10/25/97. The market declined from 10/8/97 into 10/28/97.
Mars conjuncts Rahu: Between 9/27/98 and 11/17/98, exact aspect was
on 10/8/98. The market declined from 9/24/98 into 10/8/98.
Mars squares Rahu: Between 10/25/00 and 12/13/00, exact aspect was
on 11/29/00. The market declined from 11/6/00 into 12/21/00.

Here are some examples in the recent years, most were important CITs:

Mars 180 Rahu 07/23/2011 17:31=> 7/21/11H, crash into 8/9/11L
Mars 090 Rahu 12/13/2011 06:12  => 12/19/11 major Low+6
Mars 090 Rahu 03/19/2012 18:30  => 3/27/12 major High+8
Mars 090 Rahu 04/30/2012 23:30  => 5/1/12 High+1
Mars 000 Rahu 10/02/2012 15:06  => 10/5/12 High+3
Mars 090 Rahu 01/24/2013 19:48  => Miss
Mars 180 Rahu 05/13/2013 05:46 => coming up!

The Mars opposite Rahu (Moon's North Node) Crash Cycle
1. Mars opposite Rahu: between 9/25/29 and 11/7/29, exact aspect was on 10/24/29. The market crashed into 10/11/29 into 10/29/29
2. Mars opposite Rahu: between on 9/29/87 and 10/30/87, exact aspect was on 10/12/87. The market crashed from 10/2/87H into 10/20/87L.
3. Mars opposite Rahu: between 8/25/01 and 10/18/01, exact aspect was on 9/14/01. The market crashed from 8/27/01 into 9/21/01L.

Notice that in the 3 examples above, the Mars Opposition Rahu played a direct role in the 3 biggest Crashes of the last Century.

Ma opposite Rahu (exact) = 9/14/01! = 10/12/87! = 10/24/29!

The statistical odds that this was due to chance is very low.

Here is the last 10 years of Mars opposite Rahu aspects, notice that 3 of the 7 Mars opposite Rahu aspects resulted in sharp declines.

Mars 180 True Node 09/14/2001 11:23 => crashed into 9/21/01L
Mars 180 True Node 01/27/2003 22:53
Mars 180 True Node 11/14/2004 08:04
Mars 180 True Node 09/01/2006 03:20
Mars 180 True Node 06/15/2008 02:32 => crashed into 7/15/08L
Mars 180 True Node 10/09/2009 19:05
Mars 180 True Node 07/23/2011 17:34  => crashed into 08/09/11L

The next Mars opposite Rahu cycle is due on 5/13/13. 
This date is supported by a long term geometric CIT due on 5/14, so we should see an important 5/13-14 CIT. Ofcourse, there are many Mars opposite Rahu aspects, which is a 1-2 year cycle, but actual crashes are rare events and odds are relatively low, but you still need to be aware of this potential Crash Cycle in the May 2013 Month.

A word of caution: The purpose of this article is not to make people fearful and no one should depend on any crashes to make money and they certainly should not trade on this information alone. Currently, all trends are up, the markets are bullish and trading against the trend is like swimming upstream. What I do suggest is take the time to study the statistical data presented, you might find it a very valuable tool.


Unknown said...

Is there a source to verify the dates for the Mar/Rahu aspects? Not being an astrologer, I can only take your word for it. Thanks.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, you can download this software

and research the above dates yourself.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

A word of caution: The purpose of this article is not to make people fearful and no one should depend on any crashes to make money and they certainly should not trade on that information alone.

What I do suggest is take the time to study the statistical data presented, you might find it very valuable tool.

What is interesting here is that when a Crash do occur, this Mars Rahu aspect is more often than not there.

Ma opposite Rahu (exact) = 9/14/01 = 10/12/87 = 10/24/29

God does not play dice and that is not a coincidence.

wiseman said...

what do you think happens next this Market is crazy

dc-BEAR said...

Like i said, we're off to mars...but we're not there yet...but strap in for a bumpy ride! the real pullback wont start until late June/July.

best to you and your trades!

wiseman said...

dc bear do you at least some sort of pull back before then?

dc-BEAR said...


Pullbacks will happen but will be limited due to central banker activities. Anticipate an opportunity the first week in June...but go long with caution as (in my humble opinion) the top of this rally should be established in the third week of June. But always in motion the future is, and no 'human' really knows the outcome...

best to you and your trades!

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Last week, I mentioned to subs that we should rally into 5/14 Long term CIT.

Next to the 93 TD, 281 TD and the long term CIT coming on 5/14+/-1, 5/14 is also 144 Lunar Month (LM) 9/21/01L, 288 LM 1/30/90L and 2100 CD 8/16/07L = 5/16

There is alot going on around this date, but I have yet to see this market reverse lower.

If we rally beyond today, beyond the fixed cycles and the 5/14 long term CIT, then there is no stopping this market, we should continue higher into june. 1700 SPX is then the next target

Suren said...

What is your confidence level on Cowen's beast cycle turn date on 5/20?
I beleive the markets are going up due to capital inflows from other countries. Europe being in recession along with the Euro and Yen tanking, there is no plcae to put money to work. Gold is also in bear territory now. All the money coming out of these markets needs to find some place to nest. This is going to create a buble in the US markets that will explode a year or two down the road.
God be with us.

Unknown said...

Raj, are any of your CIT's, specifically, Mater Cycles 1 & 2, Geometric, or Solar, based on Fibonacci?

qichengm said...

Hi Raj,

Could you please tell us when Mars EXACT 180 Rahu, and when Mars 180 Rahu ends?


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Unknown, neither the solar or geometric are based on Fibonacci.

qichengm, the aspect is +/- 1 week or so.

Unknown said...

Are the geometric and solar purely mathematical or astrological? If mathematical, can CIT's be determined indefinitely into the future, or is it based on a past reference point? In other words, do the forecasts change based on market action? Does the solar CIT's have anything to do with solar flares? Why did you name is Solar CIT? Your work is fascinating. Thanks.

dc-BEAR said...

Be wary of the near-term head-fakes...we are not yet to Mars, but getting closer with every short squeeze! In my humble opinion, May will end on a very positive note...June will start rough, but the rally high will be seen by June's OpEx... then the true change in trend will begin...

Just one old man’s opinion. Only the Lord...and of course, Uncle Ben...know what will really happen.

best to your trades!


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Suren, it is not a Major High imho.

Unknown, please see my more recent blogpost. Geometric CITs are based on past Highs and Lows and projects way into the future, they don't change.

The solar CIT's does not have anything to do with solar flares

Solar CIT has to do with the Sun and some proprietary work.

Thanks DC Bear for your interesting outlook.