Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 33-34 week Cycles

The 33-34 week cycles has been in the markets for some time. 

They are not exact cycles as all cycles continually contract and expand.

33 wk/231 CD Cycles:
06/08/10L-234-01/28/11L-231- 09/16/11

34 wk/241 CD Cycles:
03/06/09L-241-11/02/09L-241-07/01/10L-232 = 2/18/11 High or 238 = 2/24/11 Low

The 33-34 week Cycle made an important High or Low and could be the 2/18/11 High or the 2/24/11 Low. The current bias is 2/18/11 was an important High.


Fred said...

Do you think this is the restart of your take no prisoners move. Certainly looks like the 34 week cycle was a top...so we should have a 3-4 week move down here.

Fred said...

I would guess if 1344 doesn't get taken out within the week, then the move down is happeninng. That would coincide with your 34 week cycle you are seeing. It would be odd for such a small decline (after this move up) for the 34 week cycle to be a low. Still targeting 1170-1200 on a move down.

Take no prisoners move still on?


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Today, 3/1 was a long term geometric CIT and we made a 77% retrace this morning and reversed lower.

It is possible, but we just bottomed the 10 and TD Hurst Cycles on 2/24 Low, which has some upward pressure.

There are some other Timing points and Cycles I am watching to make things clear for me, but we need to take out that 2/24 Low to confirm the downtrend has resumed.