Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Intraday Times and Cycles for 2/15/11

Intraday Cycle: 10.20L, 11.40H, 12.30L, 2.00H, 3.10L

Actual: 10.35L, next is 11.40 High+/-30

Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 2/15/11: 10.50, 1.30, 2.10,  3.10* Apex pm Eastern

Actual: 10.55 Low, next is 1.30 CIT

Do watch esp 3.10 CIT, which is  both a geometric and apex CIT and is biased to be a Low.


Fred said...


Seems like there is some chatter about a Bradley date today and a reversal of the trend (at least short term). Do you see the same?


Fred said...


There is a Bradley date today and a few other things pointing to a short term top today. Does your timing cycles see anything to support this.


Raj Time and Cycles said...


Yes, There is a Major Bradley Date around 2/17 +/-.

My more exact Solar CIT is due om 2/18.

If we rally into it, it will be a High.
If we decline into it, it will be a Low.