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USA Vedic Astrology wrt Mayan predictions for 2011 and 2012

I posted this before, but it is so important to watch for the current years

USA Jyotish predictions for 2011 and 2012

 The council of the Maharishi Jyotshis (Vedic Astrology) focused on the World Kundali (World Chart):

The Graha's (Planets) are always moving, always delivering the Karma's of mankind.

Guru (Jupiter) is transiting in Pisces at this time (10/2/10)

During Jupiter Retrograde from 8/02/10 - 11/18/2010: More care in Nations finances is needed, greater expenses for international affairs.

Guru's transit is more favorable from December through May 2011 and contributes more to financial progress.

Sani's (Saturn) transit in Kanya (Virgo) from 11/5/10 into 8/2012 slows/weighs down financial progress/Economic recovery for USA

From 3/24/11: Budh (Mercury) period, the planet of mediation, communication and diplomacy from 3/24/2011 increases Rivalry, political infighting, expansion in foreign affairs but with challenges, Mercury gives new ideas and directions, likes to move the Economy, with much work.

From 7/24/2011 : Ketu period, Ketu has more influence: Rising resistance from opponents, more care is needed in that area.

From 9/15/2011: Sukra (Venus) period is most responsible and will give mixed counsel in managing difficult situations, structuring and handling National debt will require wise counseling.

From Jan 2012- August 2012: Even more challenging time due to Saturn's position, compounded by the planetary period of the Sun from 2/5/2012 onward: bring some difficulty in Government function and interaction, both domestically and internationally, more caution and care needed for anti social elements and enemies of the state.

The 1st 6 months of 2012 are not easy due to the influences of Saturn's transit and the Sun's period. The jyotishis were specifically asked about the "Mayan" and other predictions about the potential destruction of the world in 2012 and the Jyotish Pandits delved really hard, but were unable to find any such dire predictions.

The answer may be in the following cartoon:  

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