Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick Update on the dominant Cycle:

Quick Update on the dominant Cycle:

 Markets have been following the dominant cycle I am watching, ie 8/25 intraday Low and reversal high into the close and today we turn back down and down into 8/27 Lows. 

Notice how the APEX of the hourly wedge arrived at the 1st hour today as a HIGH. The APEX of the daily Wedge is due on 8/27-30.

Tomorrow should see a SPIKE Lower (than 8/25 Low) and reversal Higher. Ideal Target 1026 SPX +/-5, but any lower low should be good enough.
8/17 and 8/23 were both a Timing CIT and Cycle High. the next Time and Cycle Cluster Low is due on 8/27-30 Major Lows.

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