Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review and 7/21 hourly CIT near the close

Review of the recent posted Cycle and CITs on my T&C blog:

1. The Friday 6/18 daily and hourly CIT near the close was the Monday 6/21 High at the open Major High.

2. The 6/29 post
was looking for a Low, esp around the 7/1 Squared date:

3. The 7/13 Cycle High was pinpointed here:

4. Recently I was looking for a 7/19 CIT Low, which was a 7/20 Cycle Low at the Open.

The 5 min CIT at 2.55 pm and Hourly CIT at 2.55-4.00 pm on 7/21 was the 2.55 Low of the day 7/21 (see hourly chart).

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