Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Daily and Intraday Cycle and CITs

Next Daily CIT is on 10/14.

Intraday CITs for 10/13: 10.10, 12.05-10** and 1.35 pm

Bias: 10.10 1st Low, 12.05-12.10High, 1.35 High, either will be the High of the day, then a sharp decline to a last hour Low.

Today is biased to be down in the 1st hour, rally to a midday high and see a last hour Low of the day.

Daily Cycles were looking for a 10/12 High and decline to 10/14 CIT Low.

The 1050 SPX has the largest Options Open Interest, with 87,737 calls and 101,844 puts outstanding, it should provide solid support for the 10/14 cycle Low.


TradeDemon said...

I'm interested in your timing calls - is it CST based or EST ? keep up the great work and thanks for sharing...

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

Thanks, hope they are helpful.

All times are Eastern, EST or EDT