Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rare 1/23-26 Astro, Timing& Cycle CIT Cluster

There is a rare Astro CIT Cluster:

Friday-Monday 1/23-26 has a nice Astro CIT Cluster:

1. Venus 0 Uranus on Friday 1/23
2. Jupiter 0 Sun + Venus opposite Saturn on Saturday
3. Solar Eclipse on Monday

4. There is also the Midpoint of MeR and MeD on 1/22

5. 1/24 = New Moon-2, which was associated with past Market Crash Lows, including the 10/29L, 10/87L, 10/97L and others.

There is also a daily NDX 1/24 CIT, a MTC 1/26 CIT and a SPX 1/26 CIT.

The next Major Time and Cycle Cluster is this coming weekend 1/23-26.

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