Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10/4 CIT ontrack as a short term low

The hourly CIT (Change in Trend, High or Low) at the close yesterday 10/2 was the High, the 16 and 20 TD Cycles were also due 10/2/07.

We should now make a brief decline into 10/4 Low, where the 130 hourly Cycle CIT (click on chart to enlarge) is due @ 12.45-1.50 pm, but could arrive as early as the 11.10 am or as late as 2.20 pm CIT as the LOD (sent all this information to clients)

Intraday CITs today (All Eastern):

9.35 CIT was a 9.40H

10.10CIT was a 10.10L

11.45 CIT was a 11.50H

We should now make a 4.15 CIT High(or Low).

Tomorrow 10/ 4 also has 9.40, 9.55 , 11.10* and 2.20 pm CITs.

I am expecting a LOW tomorrow 10/4, ideally at 11.10 am or 2.20 pm CIT and a rally into 10/9 @1st hour, where I have the next Time Cluster.

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