Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The 6/16-18 Time & Cycle Cluster

The 6/16-18 Time & Cycle Cluster

1. Time: 6/17-18 triple Geometric Time CIT

2. Cycle: The 29/58 TD fixed Cycle is due 6/16/21+/-

The 29/58 TD fixed Cycle was last seen at the 5/7/21H and is next due 6/16/21+/-, right at the 6/17-18 triple Geo Time Cluster in OE week. 

3. 1000 CD Cycle: 09/21/18H -  6/17/21

4. 5000 CD Cycle: 01/31/94H - 10/10/07H - 6/18/21+/-

There is also 1000 CD Cycle and a 5000 CD Cycle due 6/17-18, supporting an important turning point in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, the dominant cycle remains ontrack. The Dominant cycle was looking for a 6/2 major swing Low (+1) and a rally afterwards, which we have seen.

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