Friday, July 23, 2021

Review and Update on the Master Cycle

We made fresh 
All time Highs (ATH) today and all trends are back Up.

The Master Cycle suggested a 7/13-14 major swing High, a decline into 7/20L (-1), which we have seen and another rally into ideally a lower High into today and into XXX  (reserved for subscribers), which we are  seeing, before we see a relative sharp decline into XXX (reserved for subscribers).

As mentioned before, the Master Cycle does NOT predict Price Magnitude as it is a Time Cycle, ie it predicts the next swing High and Low, which is why for subscribers, we updated that we could not rule out another ATH in the current rally phase that the Master Cycle predicted.

Conclusion: We are still expecting a major High to made soon and a sharp multi month decline afterwards, do trade at your own risk.

Monday, July 19, 2021

We are just getting started


Since our predicted 7/13-14H, we saw a sharp 115 SP decline in the last 3 days into this morning's Globex Lows.

We are just getting started folks, but it won't be straight down, so be prepared for Mr. Toad's wild ride.

Timing is everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

You are here: At a multi month High and at the edge of a Cliff

You are here: At a multi month High and at the edge of a Cliff.

Forecast from the 7/8 Raj T&C Daily Email & Updates: "The dominant NDX Master cycle  was looking for a 7/1H, 7/6L, 7/9 major swing High+3, which was to double top with a 7/13H, 7/14L and another ideally lower NDX 7/15H"

Actual: We made a 7/8L, + 2 days later than the projected 7/6L, we then rallied into 7/13 NDX High, +2 days later than the projected 7/9H, which merged with the 7/13 double Top High. 

Conclusion We are in a topping zone this week and should see a multi month major High and start a relative sharp decline in the next few weeks and months. 

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Below the Trapdoor to Hell support, the Fireworks starts

On 6/15, I mentioned the important 6/16-18 Time and Cycle Cluster that included the dominant NDX Master Cycle predicting a 6/16 swing low and a rally into 7/1H afterwards.

Let's review in details how we arrived at this 6/16L (NDX) and 6/18L (SPX):

Time CITs: 6/17-18 triple Geometric Time CIT

Cycles CITs: 

1. The 29/58 Trading Day (TD) Cycle 6/18/21L (+2)

2. The 1000 Calendar day (CD) Cycles:

09/21/18H +1000 CD = 6/18/21L (+1)

07/01/10L + 4000 CD = 6/18/21L(+5)

10/11/07H + 5000 CD = 6/18/21L (-1)

01/31/94H+10000 CD = 6/18/21L

3. The 8 month cycle: 11/16/12L-7-6/24/13L-8-2/5/14L-8-10/15/14L-7-5/20/15H-9-2/11/16L-9-11/4/16L-8-6/29/17L-8-2/19/18L-7-9/21/18H-9- 6/3/19L -9-3/23/20L-7-10/30/20L-8- June 2021

4. The 484 CD /69 wk Cycle:

6/24/13L-478-10/15/14L-484-2/11/16L -503 (+19)- 6/28/17L-462(-22)-10/3/18H-504(+20)-2/19/20H-484-6/18/21L

6. Brock's 454 CD/65wk cycle: 4/20/05L-454-7/18/06L-450-10/11/07H-453-1/06/09H-2X456-7/7/11H-456-10/05/12H-452-12/31/13H-455-04/01/15L-455-6/29/16L-453-9/25/17L-457-12/26/18L-453 3/23/2020L-452-6/18/21L

7. Brocks' Half cycle of 65 wk Cycle = 32-33 wk cycle: 

12/26/18L -32-8/5/19L-33-3/23/20L-32-10/30/20L -33 wks = 6/18/21L

Conclusion: The 6/18/21L at 4164.70 SPX is Make or Break / Trapdoor to Hell major support. The NDX Master Cycle suggests that once the cycle Highs are in, we will see a hard retest of this Trapdoor to Hell support, but below this the Fireworks starts.

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

7/1 High+/- has arrived

We have arrived at the 7/1H+/-, as mentioned a week ago, but that this is only a short term High (as subs know) and the final High is still out there. From the predicted 6/16L, we have rallied more than 738 NDX points and 148 SP's, which we should have raked in the profits from.


Friday, June 25, 2021

NDX Master Cycle: 7/1 short term High

I discovered this historic repeating cycle a few months ago and surprisingly, the NDX Master Cycle has been in the markets since 3/23/20L (see previous posts) and remains ontrack, including nailing the recent:

1. 4/16/21 All time High ( A on chart)

2. 5/12/21 swing Low (B)

3. more recently 6/14/21H (C)

4. the 6/16 swing Low (D)

5. Forecast from the 6/16 Raj T&C forecast: "From a 6/16L, we now see a rally to fresh ATH (All time Highs) into 7/1H" (E)

Actual: From the NDX 6/16L, we have now rallied to fresh ATH (All time Highs), on its way into 7/1 short term High+/-. The NDX Master Cycle knows when the next major High will be.

The dominant NDX Master Cycle has been more active in the NDX than the SPX and although it is not a "perfect" cycle as it could be sometimes off by +/-3 TD, it rarely is and it is more +/-0-2 TD and the various proprietary Solar and Geo Time CIT helps pinpoint the exact date for the Highs and Low, like we saw 4/29H at the 4/30 Solar and Geo Time CIT, 5/4L at the 5/4 Geo time CIT and 5/7H at the 5/6 Geo time CIT. It also doesn't always predict Price magnitude either, like we saw at the 3/30/21 higher Low (which was predicted to be a lower Low). This cycle predicted many of the major Highs and Lows for more than a year now. This cycle has been dominant and in the markets since 3/23/20 major Low, with currently 29 Hits:

1. 03/23/20L-3

2. 06/08/20H-2

3. 09/02/20H+2

4. 09/24/20L+2

5. 10/12/20H+3

6. 10/30/20L+1

7. 01/04/21L-1

8. 01/15/21L-2

9.  01/29/21L-1

10. 02/16/21H+3

11. 03/04/21L+1

12. 03/17/21H+3

13. 03/25/21L-2

14. 04/16/21H+0

15. 04/21/21L-1

16. 04/27/21H+2

17. 05/04/21L+0

18. 05/06/21H+1

19. 05/11/21L+/-1

20. 05/14/21H+0

21. 05/18/21L+1

22. 05/24/21H+1

23. 05/26/21L-1

24. 05/28/21H+1

25. 06/02/21L+1

26. 06/09/12H+1

27. 06/11/21L+/-

28. 06/14/21H+1

29. 06/16/21L+0

30. 07/01/21H+/-

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The 6/16-18 Time & Cycle Cluster

The 6/16-18 Time & Cycle Cluster

1. Time: 6/17-18 triple Geometric Time CIT

2. Cycle: The 29/58 TD fixed Cycle is due 6/16/21+/-

The 29/58 TD fixed Cycle was last seen at the 5/7/21H and is next due 6/16/21+/-, right at the 6/17-18 triple Geo Time Cluster in OE week. 

3. 1000 CD Cycle: 09/21/18H -  6/17/21

4. 5000 CD Cycle: 01/31/94H - 10/10/07H - 6/18/21+/-

There is also 1000 CD Cycle and a 5000 CD Cycle due 6/17-18, supporting an important turning point in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, the dominant cycle remains ontrack. The Dominant cycle was looking for a 6/2 major swing Low (+1) and a rally afterwards, which we have seen.

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Short term Update

This morning's decline confirms the 5/28-6/1 Time Cluster as a 6/1 High.

The break of the 7 TD sideways channel is short term bearish. We are seeing the expected decline as the dominant cycle suggested and perhaps into the next Geo time CIT.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Review of the last few days

 The rally into the projected 5/24H was strong as we saw a spillover 5/25H at the Open. This suggested a limited and subdued sideways decline into 5/26L+/-. This has been the case as volume dries up ahead of the Memorial long weekend. We should see another rally phase starting tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Dominant cycle forecast: 5/20-21H, decline into 5/26L

The dominant cycle recently predicted that from the 5/19L, we rally into 5/20-21H, and see an intraday pullback on 5/21, which we have now seen.

On Monday 5/24 we see another intraday High, before we again decline in a volatile way into 5/26 Low.

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Friday, May 21, 2021

Intraday cycle forecast for 5/21(sent out 5/20) versus Actual & extrapolated

Intraday cycle forecast for 5/21(sent out 5/20) versus Actual & extrapolated

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Intraday cycle forecast for 5/20 (sent out 5/19) versus Actual

 Intraday cycle forecast for 5/20 (sent out 5/19) versus Actual

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The dominant cycle forecast for the rest of the month

The dominant cycle recently predicted the 5/12L(+1), 5/14H and 5/18L, which arrived at the 1st hour Low today, 5/19. 
If I get 500 likes on this blog and tweet at, I will send you what this fortune making cycle is looking for through the rest of the month.