4/23/20: "I cannot thank you enough for the analysis that you do.  I have been subscribing since last Fall and thanks to you, I have made 256% in my stock portfolio YTD. What you do is very impressive." MM

Today (8/23/19) from a customer: "You nailed the turn date once again. You are a .... genius. Making lots of money. I shall name my first male child Raj. If my first born is a female, I shall name her Raj!"

I’m always looking for a new edge.  I’ve subscribed to different services, and the one I’ve relied on most over the years is Ian’s Time and Cycles Daily Email.   Price patterns and time relationships can give you an edge.  This service will not only help you see market opportunities, but also see trouble before it develops.  He’s a true market scholar!  Thank you again for sharing your time & insights!  -- Frank P., USA, 8/6/19.

from GB, 10/10/18: "Well done! You've literally saved and made us thousands!"

"I find your technical analysis very informative and rather accurate. Keep up the good work. Very much appreciated." Tom T. 8/31/17

"Thank you for all your work. I now am for half a year a subscriber to your daily email and have never seen such an accurate work. Its amazing to me how you do it."  John from the Netherlands, Dec 29, 2016

"I subscribed to your service years ago for 3 months and cancelled. I was just starting out and did not understand how valuable your service was. Your cycle work is the best and most practical I have encountered. I am such a big fan now and your service is incredible. The subscription cost is a fraction of the true value of your service" Aaron May 25, 2016

"I just resubscribed for 6 months. Your service is awesome!  I have subscribed to many services over the past 20 years.  Yours by far is the most accurate and timely. Your cycle work is phenomenal!!!"  AB May 11 2016

"I am a multi year subscriber to Ian's Time and Cycles Daily update. This note is just to let anyone considering a subscription, that I find Ian's work to be both viable and actionable. Today's 02-02 call for an upside reversal off an intraday Low is most recent example of a timely call. Congratulations again Ian on a great call. And thank you most sincerely for sharing your work." Jim Feb 2, 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your work on analyzing the markets and sending out your notes.  They have been very helpful to me, and I look forward to continuing your program into the future.  I fear the day that you decide to stop.  I just hope that I understand enough to perform my own analysis by then.   Keep up the good work!" A.M. Norwalk, CT 11/21/14

"In over 20 years of trading, I have not met anyone quiet like you.  In my book, you are one of the best if not the Best." JB. Feb 2014.

 "Your stuff is amazing ... Unbelievable"  E.D.

I have been investing/trading the stock markets for over 20 years. In all that time I have subscribed to many different publications. To date, the information I have received from the Raj Times and Cycles with the MC turn dates have been the best and most accurate I have come across.
C. Chapman, England.

I have been amazed at the accuracy of your forecasts -on every time frame. In 2009 you accurately called major lows months ahead, and foretold that the July lows would last for the balance of 2009.The swing calls have been extremely accurate , and you are so quick to spot when a cycle may need to be adjusted. The intraday CIT's and your interpretation of them are so often right on-frequently exactly so. The dedication you show to getting out numerous updates every day is exceptional. I also appreciate it that you sometimes address other markets than the stock indices, including gold and the dollar. Until observing your work, I would not have thought it possible that anyone could call the markets with such accuracy, and on all time frames.
I am grateful that I found you.
George Fee

I first came to know your work on Traders-Talk where I was intrigued by your posts giving intraday CIT’s that were very often accurate. When you opted to create your own ‘Group’ at Yahoo and invited folks over I signed up right away so I was one of your early non-contributing members.
It’s been quite a revelation over this time period with the many knowledgeable contributors giving their accurate views not only on the markets but also many other topics (health especially) that I found very interesting as well as helpful personally.
Regarding your market calls and specifically your Master Cycle, I have to say that I remember well your warning to Stock Market Bears shortly after the March bottom. “Bears, don’t short this rally – You’ve been warned” .
At that time I was not a subscriber but you advised everyone on the open forum and today I wish I had taken that advice to heart. When I saw your chart of your Master Cycle calls since the March bottom catching virtually all the major turns, I was sold and signed up for your daily e-mail. Additionally, I appreciate the multiple intraday updates which are very helpful since I still hold a day job. Here’s wishing you continued success with your calls on the market.
J.F., Canada.

For the past two years I have subscribed to Ian’s daily email and followed his Master Cycle. My approach focuses on very next day SP500 direction and I use end of day priced mutual funds as trading vehicles. Ian’s Master Cycle analysis helps me to make that daily decision. Almost two years ago, I made the decision to follow Ian’s Master Cycle after I experienced a 25% drawdown in my own discretion based trading. By following Ian’s Master Cycle over the next several months, I was able to recover my drawdown. Subsequently, I have divided my trading into four portions,…and one portion (for the SP500) is traded exclusively using Ian’s Master Cycle. The other portions are divided amongst various systems trading approaches, using markets other than the SP500. I am very pleased with Ian’s daily email service and highly recommend his Master Cycle. Sincerely, Jim P., USA

Ian Thijm first came to my attention in the Silicon Investor and later the Crystal Ball forums. Several years ago, I would notice this poster who would post infrequently but his calls on the market were deadly accurate and I took note. I have now been a daily subscriber to the TimeandCycles daily email, and I could not trade without it. While my own technical skills and confidence have advanced over the years, I still study Ian's market pronouncements diligently.
I feel blessed to know this fine gentleman. S.B, USA

" I began subscribing to Raj Daily Time and Cycle service in September 2008. This was a challenging time in the market and I am still thankful the service kept me on the right side of my trades. I have continued to be a happy subscriber since then. I am grateful the service has helped me to become a profitable full time trader. The daily email is filled with insightful cycle analysis that is hard to find in books or elsewhere on the internet. The Master Cycle, while not infallible, tends to be much more accurate than the price based indicators used by the majority of traders. I combine the Master Cycle prediction with my own research and have been pleased with the results.
Also helpful are the daily updates sent 1-3 times throughout the trading day. These are invaluable for day traders but position traders should also find the updates useful.
To summarize I can highly recommend the daily Time and Cycle service to traders for both education and real time trading analysis. M.S., USA

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I subscribed to your service years ago for 3 months and cancelled. I was just starting out and did not understand how valuable your service was. Your cycle work is the best and most practical I have encountered. I am such a big fan now and your service is incredible. The subscription cost is a fraction of the true value of your service.