Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The next major Time Square CIT is due on April 13

Forecast #1: From the 3/17 Raj T&C Daily Email: The cycle bias remains we are higher into 3/18-21H at the 3/21 Solar and daily Apex CIT High and decline into 3/28L at the 3/24 and 3/28-29 double Geo CIT”
Actual: We topped on 3/22 High (#1 on chart), 1 TD from the 3/21 Solar Time CIT (Change in Trend), then declined into 3/24 Low (#2 on chart) at the 3/24 Geometric time CIT and 1 TD from the 3/28-29 Geometric Time CIT.

Forecast #2: From the 3/17 Raj T&C Daily Email:  “From the 3/24-28 Low, we then rally into 3/31 CIT High”
Actual: We rallied into 4/1 High (#3 on chart), at the 4/1 Geometric time CIT and 1 day from the 3/31 Solar time CIT.

Forecast #3: From the 3/17 Raj T&C Daily Email: “The cycle bias is from the 3/31-4/1H, we see another decline into 4/8-11L
Actual: From the 4/1 High, we declined into 4/7 Low and we have retested that Low on 4/12L.

What’s Next: The next major Time Square CIT is due on April 13.

The Time Square CIT has several impressive hits, including: 8/24/15L, 9/29/15L, 11/3/15H, 12/11/15L+1, 1/19/16L+1, all of them Major swing Lows and swing Highs and it is next due on April 13 2016+/-1.


Unknown said...

i was off on my time frame of last week iwm 113 and spy 210, however iwm 112 and spy shy of 208, i think we hit the option pricing maxing for this week and can overshoot during option ex week.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

The 4/12 Low has been confirmed.

Unknown said...

that goes without saying, gap go break out close, iwm above 113, i have a target of 113.32 and spy is still a ways from my 210, but i specifically think 210.55. However i wont be surprised today we get blow off and its good night time. Trim, trail, set stops

Alex K said...

The top probably came in yesterday

Unknown said...

Looks like my upside levels have been achieved. Now, I'm looking for spy 186, less the time frames cause market timers were made fools of by this rally, me included. All timers were wrong no matter how you spin it, you all know you were off. This bull won't go down easy.