Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The next major Time and Cycle Cluster is due this 1/16-19 week

This Bull market has been relentless and is in blow off mode, bullish momentum remains strong and all trends remains Up. The various Time and Cycles can go haywire in the current giddy Euphoric rally phase and picking a swing High is virtually impossible. With this in mind, the next major Time and Cycle Cluster is due this Option Expiration week: 1/16-19.

Time CITs:
1. 1/17-18-19 triple Geometric Time CIT
2. 1/18 Cycle CIT (Previous hits:11/15L, 12/7L, 12/29L)
3. 1/19 Solar Time CIT

Cycle CITs:
There are 4 fixed cycle clusters suggesting a 1/16H+/-2

The 109 TD & 145/289 CD & 55TD/80 CD & 167 TD fixed cycles all due 1/16+/-2 TD  
(Fixed cycles expand and contract a few days)

109 TD Cycle (Blue lines on chart): 

145/289 CD Cycle (Green Lines on chart): 
1/20/16L -289- 11/4/16L-143- 3/27/17L-147- 8/21/17L-148-1/16/18H+/-

55 TD (80 CD) Cycle (Red lines on chart): 
9/22/16H-57-12/11/16H-52-3/1/17H –55- 5/18/17L-55- 8/8/17H-55-10/25/17L-55-1/16/18+/-2

167 TD/243 CD Cycle (Pink lines on chart): 9/19/14H -167-5/20/15H -167+1-1/20/16L-167-1- 9/14/16L-167+2-5/18/17L-167- 1/16/18+/-2 TD

We are approaching 2800-2805 SPX channel resistance in the current blow off rally, will it hold?

A Master Cycle is a rare historic cycle with a proprietary numerology, that repeats exact day by day and is off at most 1 day. There is a potential Master cycle that has 1 or 2 hits and suggests a Tuesday 1/16 swing High and a relatively sharp decline into Monday 1/22 swing Low. If the markets makes a 1/16H+/-1 and a 1/22L+/-1, this Master Cycle will become the dominant cycle to watch and we will know when the next major rallies, swing High and crashwaves will occur.


Waterbaby said...

Thank You, I also have time cycle low this week on the 20Th , Which is from the 2 years low on cash market 181.02 !!!!

Waterbaby said...

Correction , A high this week , then a pull back This is a complex ABC , This run I have 211.66 to 100 % 242.30 then up to 2.618 =
291.87, Last week low was @ 272.94 (cash Market) todays high is 2.236 . The Original run started low 181.02

Cos Tes said...

Thanks for the update Raj, just reposted your link in my blog. hope it's ok with you: http://sp500daytrader.com/forums/topic/spx-tuesday-january-16th/