Friday, February 5, 2016

Raj Time and Cycle Review & Forecast

Review: In my January 22 blog post, I said: If History is any guidance, we should see a major crash Low between 1/20 and 1/26. There are some indications that 1/20/16 was that major Flash Crash Cycle Low, but we need to close solidly above the steep down channel to confirm that.
Actual: We closed above that steep down channel on 1/22, which confirmed 1/20/16 as the major mini crash Low.

From the 1/20/16 Raj T&C Email: The current cycle bias is from a 1/19L, we rally to a 1/22H and then decline into 1/27 lower Lows.
Actual: We made a 1/20L, 1 day later, rallied to a 1/22H (#1 on chart) and decline into a 1/27L (#2 on chart)

From the 1/25 Raj T&C weekend Email: The cycle bias is we made a 1/22H at the 1/22-23 CD to TD, Square, Over flight CIT, then decline into 1/27 Solar and T&C Cluster Lows, which should be a higher Low. From there we rally into a 2/2 High and then decline into 2/5 Low.
Actual: From the 1/27 Low, we rallied into 2/1 High (#3), 1 day earlier, and we saw a decline into 2/5 Low (#4) as expected.

What’s Next: We make a 2/5 Low+/-1 and see another rally phase.


curt504 said...

At 1886 The SPX seems to have violated the up channel support.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Looks like we will see a last hour Low

Unknown said...

I've have followed you for awhile but it seems on the free part it's a hit or miss. However I hope today your plus one day is the bottom. But it's a long way to even for today!!

Monsao said...
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